REPTON first appeared in on the Acorn BBC micro back in 1984 and was an instant success. Its basically a “Collect-the-diamonds-and-push-the-blocks” puzzle game.The game was origanly written by Tim Tylers for Superior Software. The basic game idea is to guide REPTON (the main charater, a green reptile ) around a series of mazes (maps) and collect Diamonds (and in later games other objects) while avoiding the hazzards of falling bopulders and roaming monsters (and again in later games other such obsticles such as skulls (stattic boulders ?!?, spirits – which, when guided correctly open cages to reveal more diamonds, and fungus) The game did so well, a sequel followed. The game was no longer a series of maps but one giant map, which you negotiated via teleports. Although a massive and enjoyable game, it was way too big, and in my opinion, way to hard to play in one sitting. REPTON 2 did however have some new features that the original didn`t, skulls and spirits and telepots, all of which where made it over to the next sequel …

REPTON 3 was basically REPTON (single map exploration) but with the new features of 2 thrown in. This was the bees knees, and I`m still struggeling through these levels. Not only did u get an all new game tho, u also got an editor and character desinger. Now you could create your own REPTON worlds. So popular was REPTON 3 that 3 other games using the same engine where released :- The Life of Repton, Around the World in 40 Screens and Repton Thru Time.

Now, 15 years later you can play all the games again ….well, almost all. REPTON 2 is not included because it would require a major re-write of the engine, but all the others are (hopefully) faithfully recreated as best as i can. And too boost, I`ve also added an enhanced graphics set. See the screen shots page to see the comparisons.

Download the game engine, then the desired game pack. Unpoack the game pack into the same folder as the engine and select from within the game.

Download ReptonY2K engine here

Repton Classic
Repton Enhanced

Repton 3 Classic
Repton 3 Enhanced

Life of Repton Classic
Life of Repton Enhanced

Repton Around the World
Repton Thru Time

*Note – As this game was written pre Windows 7, a DLL may be missing from Windows. If this is the case, the missing file is here and can be downloaded and placed in the System folder, or the folder where the game is unpacked.

Download DLL here

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